Coolest Souvenir

Truth be told, I didn’t write anything during my first two weeks in Japan because I was worried sick about my ankle and couldn’t concentrate on more positive things.  Why my ankle?  Well…for some (yet) unknown reason, my left ankle swelled up like a balloon after my first night in Japan.  I tried to rest it for a week, but even after that, it didn’t seem to show evident signs of healing.  That’s when I finally decided it was time to find a doctor.

The health office at my school didn’t know what to make of it, so they referred me to a local orthopedics clinic, just a few blocks from campus.  Thanks to their handy directions, I was able to easily find my way to the clinic later that day.  Now remember that this happened just after 1 week in Japan!  Getting to new places and talking to people in Japanese was overwhelming enough as it was.  Adding a mysterious ailment to the mix just made me feel all the more vulnerable.  But anyway, long story short, the clinic did some tests, sent me home with a cozy bandage, some medication, and said come back in a week.  And by the time I went back, almost all of the swelling had subdued, they said the tests results were normal, and everything was だじょうぶ (👌🏼)!

Now I haven’t even mentioned the best part of this story:

In Japan, they have national health insurance that everyone (including me) is required to pay for.  This insurance covered 70% of my medical expenses, leaving only 30% for me to pay!  Which means that it was all very affordable!

[+1 for Japan!]