My Beautiful Campus – Summer Edition

When I first stepped foot on the ICU campus, I was taken aback by the sheer beauty of the environment.  Located in a park-like “forest”, the ICU campus is a nature lover’s haven.

The incredible variety of flora and abundant shades of green made me feel almost as if I were in a Miyazaki movie.  Simply unreal!

With such a humid summer climate, it really gets very green around here. And not just ICU. All of Japan is bursting green with life. Trees, leaves, moss and everything in between. Having grown up in desert-dry SoCal, I’ve never seen so much green in my life!


Especially with all the wild insect noises, you really begin to question whether you’re in Japan or the Amazon Rain Forest.


First Night: A Hotel!

On my first night in Japan, I stayed in a hotel before moving into my dorm the next day.  The hotel had been booked for me in advance, on behalf of my exchange program, UCEAP.

It was a tiny little thing, with rooms for 1 person.  So cozy and private. And the staff were so polite, always bowing to me each time I entered or exited the lobby.

Here’s a video of Musashi-Sakai Station, where the hotel was located. Listen to those summer insects!